8035039_origSt. Mary, Cause of our Joy! As I have told all who were able to make it to the “meet and greet” sessions, I am very joyful to be here with you as pastor. And I pray that Mary will always look down upon us, her children, and fill us with joy. The same joy she felt about becoming the mother of God’s Son. Of course, she was also nervous and unsure about that as well. However Mary knew that God was always with her, just as we can be sure that God will be with us and we begin this new parish together.

That doesn’t mean that things will go smoothly. I have never been a fan of turbulence when I fly. Well, I’m afraid to tell you that all of us, in the next few weeks or months, may experience some turbulence. It’s going to be bumpy. If we are all aware of it, and have the patience, and the faith, to get through it, I’m sure that in a short time, it will be smooth sailing. Some bumps aren’t always bad. Sanders makes a cake that I’m sure we all like, the “chocolate bumpy cake.” It’s good, even though it’s bumpy. Top it off with some rocky road ice cream, and we’re even happier, even though the road is rocky. As long as we all remember that this is a new experience of all of us. We are just moving to a new parish, or just getting a new pastor. Everything is new. We are the beginning of a new parish. With the grace of God and the help of each one of us, this new parish, St. Mary, Cause of our Joy, will really become the cause of our joy. Let’s pray for one another.

Fr. Ken Mazur, PIME


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