Penance Preparation

(For children age 7 and above)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated prior to that of the Eucharist. Parents prepare their children in second grade (or above) by using age-appropriate materials. A retreat with parent and child is part of the preparation process. Complete information is shared at the orientation/enrollment meeting. See the Catechetical Calendar for details.

First Reconciliation

The Sacrament of First Reconciliation is the outward sign by which we celebrate a merciful and forgiving God and renew our relationship with Him and the community. It celebrates the fact that we can be forgiven at all times. First Communion candidates are to be prepared and to celebrate Reconciliation prior to celebrating First Communion.

Candidates for First Reconciliation are to:

  • be at least seven years of age and baptized.
  • attend Sunday Mass regularly.
  • attend and participate in a formal Religious Formation program.

Parents of the candidates are to:

  • see that their children attend Sunday Mass regularly.
  • register for the First Reconciliation program.
  • Work with the child at home with the support of (and in cooperation with) the Religious Formation staff.

The preparation program for First Reconciliation consists of one parent information/registration meeting, one Rite of Enrollment Mass, Retreat, and completion of the First Reconciliation chapter book.

Penance Schedule

  • Private Confession are normally held on Saturday at 3:30 PM in the Church
  • Communal Penance services are held each Advent and Lent. See Calendar
  • Other Private Confessions may be scheduled with Fr. Ken at 734-425-4421 ext. 213