Something old and something new

Something old and something new. It sounds like a line from an old adage referring to brides and weddings. I think that it refers to more than that. Our lives are filled with things that are old, and, if we are open to it, things that are new. Most of us don’t like change in our lives, but we know it is inevitable. As we grow our bodies change, we change jobs and houses. Some of these things we face with great excitement, looking forward to what the future brings. Other times we dread any change and just wish things would remain the same. Always. However, they don’t; they won’t.

When I was preparing to move here to St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy, in addition to the anticipation of becoming pastor, I had some concern, just a little, about the house. I was giving up a comfortable bed and room where I had lived contentedly for many years. Would all of my things fit? How much privacy would I have? I was moving to a new house that I didn’t even pick out for myself. Looking back, now they seem like silly concerns, but they were real ones, for sure. And it all turned out fine. God is good.

St. Mary Cause of Our Joy Parish is new. Just over 12 weeks new. Think of all of the new things that can lie ahead, the new experiences coming, the new friends to meet, the new ways of living our faith. There may be a little fear and anxiety in it, but in the long run we know that God is here and will take care of us. He has so far in our lives, right? If we continue to hold on to everything that “was” in the past, if we only want to “go back to this or to that,” there will be no room for freshness, for newness, for the Spirit to move. We will stifle the Spirit because we are holding on so tightly. Let go. Let’s not exhaust ourselves trying to replicate everything (or at least the “everything” that I want).

Pope Francis, during his visit to the United States a year ago this month, said “Jesus came to save us from the lie that says no one can change.” Yes, it may be tough, but you can. Trust God a little more and give it up to Him.

May the Spirit lead us in ways that we could never imagine.
Fr. Ken

From the pastor’s desk – August 21, 2016

IMG_2666Have you had enough bumpy cake yet? It seems like I’ve had it on my plate most every day the past few weeks. And the rocky road ice cream has helped to keep it cool during the hot weather we’ve been having. Seriously, though, all in all I think that the birth of our new parish has been going well. I warned you all of the bumps that were coming. And we certainly are not finished. As summer comes to an end, we are now looking at the beginning of the new parish organizations: women, men, and the over and under 50. Heading into September the plan is to start gathering together with the liturgical volunteers: lectors, commentators, servers, sacristans, ushers, greeters and Eucharistic ministers, to go over the ways each of these ministries should be carried out. Volunteer sign-up cards will be available in the pews soon. Faith formation and youth ministry are starting up as well. These are exciting times. Be aware for some more bumps.

There are still plenty of other building related issues that haven’t been taken care of yet: Church speakers, votive lights, the reconciliation room, stained glass windows, the cry room, etc., as well as administrative items, such as the conference room in the office building. Many files and file cabinets still need to be brought here, reviewed and properly stored.

In September we will begin working on the new parish mission statement. I would like everyone to think seriously about what it is that you would like to give to the parish, and what you would like from the parish. More to come on this subject in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of summertime and God’s beauty.

God Bless you.

Fr. Ken

Vacation Bible School

Screenshot 2016-06-28 23.09.16.png

Save the Date!
St. Mary, Cause of our Joy
Vacation Bible School
August 15 ­- 19, 2016
6:00 p.m. ­ 8:30 p.m.
Pre­ K ( ages 3 ­ 4) ­ Grade 6
Location: Social Halls and Parish Center
Theme: Jurassic Journey:
Discovering God’s Everlasting Love
Registration Cost: $20.00 per child.
(Families with three or more children are $15.00 per child).

Download the VBS Registration Form

You may register at the parish office weekdays. Children will be given a CD with all of the VBS songs for them to take home on the last night of class. You will be given a t­shirt iron on to make a shirt for your child upon registration. Please wear your shirt the week of VBS.

Due to a donation from a parishioner: All t-shirts will be provided for children participating in VBS! Please provide the T-shirt size for your child at registration. For Example: Size 6 or Size 8.

Extra Bonus for parents: The iron-on-logo will also be pressed on for you. Please remember to fill your registration form correctly so your child receives the proper color.

Shirts can be ready for pick up the first night of Vacation Bible School and we ask that your child wear them each evening. Please see the t­-shirt colors for your child t-shirt colors:

  • Pre­K = Green
  • Kindergarten= Purple
  • Grades 1 & 2 = Yellow
  • Grades 3&4 = Royal Blue
  • Grades 5&6 = Orange

Any questions, please contact Carol Nelius at 734.765.5525 or message her here:

Message from Fr. Kris

Screenshot 2016-06-28 23.01.04.pngDear Parishioners!

It has been one year since I entered the Divine Savior, St. Theodore and St. Damian Parish Family. Now, as I move forward to my new assignment at St. Gerald’s in Farmington, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all of you.

Thank you for your patience with the young Polish priest trying to learn the tongue and culture of the land and to communicate the Gospel of Christ in a foreign country. Your support, prayers and friendship helped me to make our Tri – Parish Community my home and assured me that it’s the right choice for me to stay here in America and to spread the Gospel on this side of the ocean. Thank you!

I am taking with me all the good memories of being a part of the lives of so many amazing people of our Tri-Parish Community. I would like to express to Bishop Reiss and to all the priests who served with me at our Tri–Parish Community my special thanks for their support and to those who became my true friends and family.

Words will not express how grateful I am for being part of this wonderful community of faith, so I will try to express it with my ministry to those to whom God will send me in the future. Wherever I will go, you will always have a place to visit. Also, all that I have learned at our Tri-Parish Community will always be a part of my ministry. For all your goodness, may God continue to bless you and for all I failed to do or did wrong out of ignorance or human weakness, I sincerely apologize.

You can always reach me at my new address:

Fr. Krzysztof Nowak
St. Gerald’s Parish
21300 Farmington Rd.
Farmington, MI 48336

I will miss you all.

Fr. Kris