A vulnerable and innocent baby in the midst of an animal stable is a captivating image. When the baby in the middle of the scene is considered by millions and millions of people to be the very embodiment of God, this image becomes more telling. Christmas time in the Christians life should be a time to remember, receive and proclaim what God has done through a little baby named Jesus.

This year St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy would like to continue this tradition of the displays of different crèche or nativity scenes in our social hall. We have a diverse membership here at St. Mary’s and would like to view any and all, especially if you have one from foreign countries.

We want to see as many as we can, including more whimsical ones that children can relate to. We would like to highlight the cultural diversity of each crèche on display, while honoring and celebrating the common theme that runs throughout the birth of Jesus. Fr. Shafique will bless every nativity set brought in. We will have the display on the weekend of January 7th & 8th. If you would like to participate or have questions, please call the Parish Office at 7344254421 to reserve a space in our social hall.

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