Hello Everyone, The Archdiocese has just announced that they are changing the requirements for people coming to Mass. I am sure there are people who are happy about this, and others who are not. 

I am sure your question is how does this effect St. Mary, COOJ.

If you read just one thing: Fr. Shafique has decided that we will continue to ask everyone to mask, and social distance for the next two or three weeks. 

While the Archbishop and the Archdiocese have given us the option of designating one section for people who are vaccinated to sit without masks, and another for people who have not been vaccinated to sit with masks we know there are parishioners who will stop attending if this happens. So we are asking for you to keep in mind the need to care for the common good and to exercise care and love for those who are most vulnerable among us and continue with what we have been doing for a few more weeks. It will not be forever. We will send out a message in a few weeks to update everyone when we change this decision.

We are sorry if this upsets some of you, but our goal is to support all of our Parishioners the best we can.


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