“The Parish of St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy, inspired by Mary’s “Yes” and led by the Holy Spirit, strives to be a faith-filled community, joyfully welcoming all to witness and to celebrate the Gospel.”

Parish Mission Statement

A Prayer on The Solemnity of Annunciation

Lord Jesus Christ,
Eternal Word,
You became Incarnate as man
in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
You, through whom the universe was created,
began your earthly course,
in the womb of a humble and chaste Virgin.
At the annunciation of this miracle,
Mary responded in faith:
“let it be done to me
according to your word.”
May we who are made new creatures
by your grace,
respond with such faith,
when you call us to your service.

2 thoughts on “Happy Parish Feast Day!

  1. So that s one reason she s the Cause of Our Joy.  Because in another act of generosity only possible for God Himself, she is ours.  Our Lady.  In the most anguished hour of all her sorrows, we received a gift that the angels would envy if they could envy.  We share her with them as a Queen, but only to us can she be a Mother.  In all things she shares our life and loves us with unspeakable tenderness.  Once we have become her children, we feel the warm gentle weight of her gaze that makes life bearable even in its most difficult days.  “Our faith tells us that here below, in our present life, we are pilgrims, wayfarers,” says St. Josemaria Escriva.  “Our lot is one of sacrifices, suffering, and privations.  Nonetheless, joy must mark the rhythm of our steps.  ‘Serve the Lord with joy – there is no other way to serve Him.”  Every shimmering joy, each a foretaste of the eternal that awaits us, is from her spoon. She is also the Cause of Our Joy because, by the design of God, it is only through her that He came.  Christ, our salvation, came through this little vessel and we are so forever grateful.  From the first, the big “Fiat” spoken to Gabriel, divinity took flesh within her and finally, our salvation was underway.  She is the first chapter in the book of eternal life.  Joy itself comes to the world, and only through Mary.  St. John the Baptist was the first to feel it, leaping with joy as an unborn baby as he felt their presence, even as she herself exclaims, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!” (Luke 1:47)


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