Rev. Fr. Shafique and the Friends of Mary Cause of Our Joy,

Greetings and gratitude from St. Thomas the Apostle Minor Seminary Faisalabad, Pakistan.

We are living in a difficult time when the whole world is facing the challenge of corona virus but Easter Season strengthen our faith that the One who overcame death and sin will heal our world and He will help us to overcome.

Sharing this moment of gratitude I would like to express my sincere thanks to Fr. Shafique and the friends of Mary cause of our Joy for being a cause of our joy. Thank you for your being so thoughtful and sharing with us the blessing of our Lord this time buying for our seminary 25 bags of 40kgs of wheat. We appreciate very much and I assure you that as this wheat will nourish our seminarians we will continue praying for you for your spiritual nourishment. Thank you very much once again for your generous sharing.

Wish you all the best and be assure of our prayers,
Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Fr. Khalid Yousaf
St. Thomas the Apostle Minor Seminary Faisalabad

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