A popular tradition celebrated on Epiphany is the marking with chalk inside the main doorway of a house with the following: 20+C+M+B+18. The writing on the doorway signifies:

20 = the current century

+ = Jesus’ Cross

C = the initial of the Wiseman Casper

M = the initial of the Wiseman Melchior

B = the initial of the Wiseman Balthazar

18 = the current year

As a family writes these initials and numbers over the door, each member makes a promise to look for Jesus until he/she finds Him. They are challenged to look for Jesus in the lives of all people who visit their home. The family also promises all who enter may find Jesus in their home as the family practices virtues of consolation, understanding, hospitality, rest, forgiveness and love.

It is most fitting that we should bless the doors of our home every year in January. The first month of the year gets its name from the Roman God Janus whose name means “gate” or “door” and the first month is the door to the New Year. May it be a happy and truly holy one!

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