Perhaps you thought that things had settled in our parish; remember, we are merely 14 months old, and more changes are coming. Keep your eyes out for changes within in the Church in the month of September.

All of this surrounds the Baptismal Font that we obtained from St.Mel’s Church. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring the Baptismal Font from St. Damian, because of the size and the room necessary to locate it in the Church. The font from St. Mel’s is small and self-contained, meaning there is no need for any water pipes. It is a two-tier font, and will be placed in the back of the church, in the middle. It is a beautiful small font with water constantly flowing. It will also help the former St. Mel parishioners who have joined our parish to feel a little bit of their “past”, just as we incorporated items from the former three parishes that merged in 2016.

In order to place the font, we will have to move the vigil light candles. This is a little bit disappointing because they look great where they are. We will add an additional stand of candles so to have two sets on the south wall, between the main entrance and the reconciliation room. We will hang the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe above those candles. On the north wall, between the main entrance and the windows of the cry room/chapel, we will place one stand of candles. Above that set of candles, we will hang a beautiful picture of St. Anne, who is the patroness of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Above the baptismal font will be hanging a half circle stained glass window that originally came from one of the old churches in the city of Detroit and was hanging in the chapel at Divine Savior for the last few years. Eventually spot lights will be placed to shine on the pictures and stained glass window.

Once all of this is in place, the old baptismal font will be removed and an additional pew will be added to the handicap section in that area. This pew will be taken from the area behind the choir seats.

I am excited about these changes, especially the baptismal font. Although they are only cosmetic, the environment in which we pray helps us to pray better. The quiet sound of water falling over the font will hopefully create a quiet, prayerful atmosphere in the church.

And all of this will be done with just minimal costs. So, just in case you thought that the dust had settled, we’ve only just begun.

Fr. Ken

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