I believe that the most important task that we, that is all humans, MUST do together is the work of “ear to ear”, that is, of listening to one another. Listening to each other without hurrying to give an answer. Welcoming the words of our brothers and sisters; later we can think of giving our own words. The capacity to listen is very important.

I find it interesting that when people have this capacity for listening, they speak with a low and calm tone. When they do not have this capacity, they speak loudly, even shouting. Among brothers and sisters we must all listen to each other, and speak slowly and calmly, looking for the way to communicate together. And when we listen to each other first, and then we speak to each other, we are on the right path.

Too often we jump to conclusions of things that we hear but do not give ourselves time to comprehend each other. Our words are already prepared which means that the words of our brother or sister fall “on deaf ears”. In the Gospels of these weeks, Jesus is speaking to us in simple, easy to understand stories (parables). He hopes that the listeners have some capacity to listen without thinking about a response.

Whoever has ears ought to hear.

Fr. Ken

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