Fostering Faith Fun & Friendship

While Joyfully Serving Our Parish & Community

Jesus in response to a criticism of his disciples not fasting and praying as often as the followers of John the Baptist,told the Pharisees a parable about new and old ways (Luke 5:33-39).

He said new wine couldn’t be poured into old skins ,and he also said no one drinking old wine desires new, because the old is good. The type of fasting and praying done by John’s followers was good,but Jesus was here to transform it into something new and better.The merging of our three former parishes is challenging us to learn how to cherish the old way while embracing the present and preparing a new way.

Our Joyful Women group is willing to take on the challenge. If you are interested in learning what we are about,contact me or come to our next meeting:

Wednesday October 19, 2016 at 7PM

In the Small Social Hall

 Leslie Johnston

Cell: 734-502-2219


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