IMG_2666Have you had enough bumpy cake yet? It seems like I’ve had it on my plate most every day the past few weeks. And the rocky road ice cream has helped to keep it cool during the hot weather we’ve been having. Seriously, though, all in all I think that the birth of our new parish has been going well. I warned you all of the bumps that were coming. And we certainly are not finished. As summer comes to an end, we are now looking at the beginning of the new parish organizations: women, men, and the over and under 50. Heading into September the plan is to start gathering together with the liturgical volunteers: lectors, commentators, servers, sacristans, ushers, greeters and Eucharistic ministers, to go over the ways each of these ministries should be carried out. Volunteer sign-up cards will be available in the pews soon. Faith formation and youth ministry are starting up as well. These are exciting times. Be aware for some more bumps.

There are still plenty of other building related issues that haven’t been taken care of yet: Church speakers, votive lights, the reconciliation room, stained glass windows, the cry room, etc., as well as administrative items, such as the conference room in the office building. Many files and file cabinets still need to be brought here, reviewed and properly stored.

In September we will begin working on the new parish mission statement. I would like everyone to think seriously about what it is that you would like to give to the parish, and what you would like from the parish. More to come on this subject in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of summertime and God’s beauty.

God Bless you.

Fr. Ken

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